Where is my release letter?

If you would like more information about Release Letters, and/or would like to get a Release Letter for an account that was paid to us, then you are at the right place!

What is a Release Letter?

A Release Letter is a letter from General Credit Services Inc (GCS) confirming that we have received your payment and that no further payments are required. It is really the same as a receipt for your payment.

A release letter from GCS is always subject to audit – meaning that although they are proof of receipt of payment, there are many things that could invalidate the letter including a dishonored cheque, a charged back credit card, or fraud.

Release letters contain electronic signatures that prove their authenticity – if you have a release letter dated after January 1st, 2020 it should include an electronic signature to be valid.

Do I need a Release Letter?

That depends. If you are looking for credit and a lender has asked you to prove that you paid an account, then you may want a release letter – but often, lenders may accept a copy of your cancelled cheque, a screen shot of your on-line banking, or your credit card statement as proof of payment.

If the account still shows as unpaid on your credit bureau, you do not need a release letter – you should review our credit tips on how to get the account updated.

How do I get a Release Letter?

If you have paid or settled your account in full you are eligible to request a release letter. You can call our office at the number at the top of this page, or for your convenience, simply use the Release Letter Request form by clicking HERE. State your name, phone number and e-mail address and provide your account number (GCS Reference Number).

If you need an urgent letter, you can request that the letter be e-mailed to you – in some cases, we will need to validate your identity prior to e-mailing this letter.

You cannot request a release letter for someone else’s account – if the account is not in your name, you must have the person who the account was owed by contact us directly.

I was told that I was getting a letter, but it didn’t arrive!

If the letter was being e-mailed to you, check your junk or spam folders.

If the letter was mailed to you through Canada Post, unless we were advised otherwise, the letter would have been mailed to the address that we have on file – if you have moved, you may need to re-request the letter using the Release Letter Request form HERE. You should allow up to 14 days for a letter to arrive in regular mail.