Our History

Founded in 2002, General CSI has expanded through a series of mergers and acquisitions. Our oldest legacy company has been in continuous operation since 1967.

Here are a few of our Key Milestones…

  • 2003 Acquired Accurate Collection Services Ltd.
  • 2004 Launched GCS Pre-collect Letter Services
  • 2004 Acquired Assets of Complete Collection Centers Ltd
  • 2005 Became exclusive Canadian collection partner of GCS Group
  • 2008 Quebec expansion with Services de Credit General 
  • 2010 Hosted GCS Group World Conference in Vancouver BC
  • 2010 introduced GCS Flex-check background screening services
  • 2011 Acquired Central Credit Services Inc
  • 2012 Launched GCS Insolvency Management Services (IMS)
  • 2014 Became exclusive Canadian collection partner for Intercredex
  • 2015 Launch of GCS Commercial Services
  • 2016 Acquired Fraser Collection Services Ltd
  • 2016 Introduced GCS Health Care
  • 2016 Launched GCS Philippines Agent Program
  • 2017 Acquired SKYLINK Receivables and Integrity First Telesolutions
  • 2019 Launched GCS Estate Management Services (EMS)
  • 2020 Partnered with FREESTYLE Telecom to build Work-From-Anywhere solutions
  • 2021 Expanded Canadian coverage with second Western Contact Center in Alberta
  • 2023 GCS Acquired by Everyday People Financial (TSX.V – Symbol “EPF”)

As the exclusive Canadian collection partner of the International Credit Exchange, we are part of the world’s largest collection agency network, with more branch offices operating in more countries than any other organization. At home, or across the globe, our primary business goal is to continue to serve our clients through service excellence and superior results.

We are a results-driven team that helps our clients close the gap between where they are today – and where they want to be tomorrow.

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