Our Code of Ethics

Each member of our organization acts in accordance with our Ethical Code, and operates in a way that is consistent with our core organizational values. This governs our behavior towards…

…Our Customers

  • Treat customers fairly, and honestly
  • Always work towards customer service excellence
  • Deal with customer complaints appropriately
  • Be innovative and articulate when providing solutions that will benefit our clients
  • Always maintain confidentiality of client information

…Each Other

  • Consistently work towards the highest standard of organizational core values
  • Do not tolerate discrimination, or harassment of any kind
  • Take personal responsibility in maintaining a supportive work environment in which all employees can freely contribute
  • Take personal responsibility in creating a clean, healthy, and safe work environment.

…Our Suppliers

  • Maintain utmost integrity in supplier relationships, and expect the same from them
  • Encourage the use of suppliers who have similar values
  • Work closely with suppliers to improve overall operational success

…Our Shareholders

  • Return maximum value to our shareholders
  • Keep accurate and honest accounting records
  • Conduct business in accordance with our Ethical Code of Conduct

…Our Competitors

  • Show respect and understanding to competitors
  • Compete vigorously, but honestly
  • Never disclose confidential and proprietary information to competitors

…Our Community

  • Show respect and understanding to those communities that we serve
  • Contribute toward the social and economic well-being of the communities we serve

…Our Government

  • Comply with all applicable law and legislation
  • Foster trust and respect with regulatory bodies
  • Be a resource to our government

…Our Environment

  • Work to minimize any adverse environmental impact of our organization
  • Work towards innovative and disciplined ways of improving the environment that we work in, and the community that we serve

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