GCS Suspends All Collection Activity in NWT and areas of BC – extends interest relief programs.

August 18th, 2023 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: GCS is temporarily suspending all outbound calls and letter mailing to consumers in Northwest Territories and in select areas in British Columbia that are under the current state of emergency due to unprecedented wildfires.

This suspension will be effective immediately and will last until local states of emergency are lifted, or as otherwise advised by each local Government.

Affected areas currently include multiple jurisdictions: 

  • Northwest Territories – at this time, the entire territory is under evacuation orders.
  • British Columbia
    1. Casper Creek
    2. Downton Lake
    3. Rossmoore Lake
    4. Lower East Adams
    5. Bush Creek East
    6. Stein Mountain
    7. McDougall Creek
    8. Crater Creek
    9. Lladnar Creek
    10. Horsethief Creek
    11. Young Creek
    12. Greer Creek
    13. Great Beaver lake
    14. Whitefish Lake
    15. Kelowna
    16. West Kelowna
    17. Okanagan Lake

NOTE: this list may be expanded based on public safety alerts, and directives. 

If you have been affected or displaced by wildfires, you may qualify for additional relief under various GCS programs – contact your account manager for details at 1-877-588-4274, chat with a Live Agent now on this page, or use the Contact Us form on this site.

To donate to relief efforts, please visit redcross.ca