I want to Dispute the Account, Make a Suggestion or File a Complaint

If you are disputing the account, have a suggestion as to how we can get better or simply file a complaint about us, you are at the right place!

How do I dispute the account?

If you feel that you do not owe the account, or that the balance is wrong, or that you are victim of fraud, or mistaken identity you should contact our offices directly as soon as possible using the Priority Alert Form on this page.

When notifying us of a dispute, you may be asked to provide specific reasons behind the dispute and some proof that validates your position – so, for example if you are disputing an account because you were charged twice, you may need to show some evidence of the duplicate charge. If you cancelled a service and charges continued, you may need to provide some proof that you cancelled the service.

If you feel that you are a victim of fraud, you may be asked for a Police File Number. (Remember, it is a criminal offence to file a false police report). Fraud is serious, and can impact your credit – you should contact both major credit reporting agencies (Equifax Canada and TransUnion) to advise them and they will help you place a fraud alert on your credit file.

Once we have all the required information and documents regarding your dispute, we will work directly with our client to help both you, and our client resolve the dispute.

While we investigate your dispute, and/or validate the balance owing, we will ensure that no further contact attempts are made with you, and that any pending legal action is suspended until your concerns are addressed – we do not want to cause you any inconvenience.

To start your dispute now, use the form on this page.

I have a suggestion – who do I tell?

If you have suggestions as to how we can get better, please contact us here.

How do I file a Complaint?

If your concerns are with our client, or the product or service that they provide, we will gladly forward any written complaint to them – simply contact us to provide details of your complaint or concern.

If you are unhappy with us, one of our employees, or the experience that you had with us, please know that at GCS, we are always listening – we want to try to make sure that everyone that deals with us has a painless experience, but we also understand that sometimes we get it wrong – we are people too – so, if you have a complaint about US, please use the form available below – we respond to all written complaints within 24 hours.

Please note: If your complaint relates to a telephone call, please note the date and time of the call in your e-mail so that we may review any call recordings.

Priority Alert Form

Use this form for disputes, complaints or service related suggestions. Your alert will be viewed within 60 minutes during normal business hours.